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Displacer Plan Maker

The Displacer Plan Maker dynamically creates a plan for a paper displacer allowing the Stirling Engine Hobbyist to quickly create a displacer that closely meets their needs.

All Values in Millimeters
Cylinder Parameters
Inside DiameterCylinder May not be perfectly round, use minimum diameter.
Height:Cylinder's Height
Space:The space between the Displacer and Cylinder wall.
Vertical Travel:Total vertical displacer travel.
Travel Padding: Compensates for construction errors.

Option 1 Printing from Browser(steps for Firefox)

  • Select File>Print Preview
  • Click Page Setup
  • Change to Landscape
  • Make sure it is set to print scaled 100% and Shrink to fit is not checked
  • Select Margins & Header/Footer
  • Adjust margins and footers down until pictures fit, about .3 inches.
  • Click Ok if it looks correct Click Print
Option 2 Printing for Image software
  • Click the plan and save it to your computer
  • Then open saved image with a program that works with DPI image sizing and print landscape
Assembly Video