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We have all watched woodworking shows on TV where host seems to have and endless supply of large high quality specialty tools for each and every task. For most us this is simply not possible even with a large budget because of limited space. As a result of the limited work space one of my greatest challenges has been finding smaller shop tools that are of good quality. In most cases the smaller power tools are cheap and are designed to trick someone unwittingly into buying them because of the price rather than being of good quality.

My Primary Power Tools

  • Scroll Saw
    • Dewalt DW788
      This saw works great, solid and smooth. I use to make everything.
  • Drill Press(Bench top)
    • DELTA DP200 Shopmaster 10-Inch Drill Press
      It get's the job done however don't expect the table set bolt to be at 90 degrees, take it out and through it away.
  • Band Saw(Bench top)
    • Craftsman 10" Bandsaw
      It does what I need, if I had it to do over again I would probably get a floor standing model.
  • Hand Sander
    • Makita Finishing Sander B04552
      I have had this little sander for years now it does not miss a beat. It is incredibly loud but it is a sander.
  • Table Saw
    • 10" Table Saw
      I have seen this cheap saw under dozens brand names many of which I don't believe even exist. It is loud, messy, under powered and the table is to small. What does do is fit easily in a small space in the corner of my garage.
  • Miter Saw
    • Bosch 4212L
      This saw is smooth presise and fun to use.
  • Edge planer(Bench top)
    • Delta JT160 Shopmaster
      It works for edges, and to some degree small surfaces. It is very difficult to get the fence at 90 degrees.

It is key to have the proper expectations. A lot people give up before they develop the skills to start making some really cools stuff. Many times they wander is it me or is it my tools. If you are just starting out the answer is usually both. If you paid less than $150 for a major tool new you can not expect it to be awesome. It will have a lot of plastic parts that break easy, it will not be square and it going to vibrate sometimes wildly.

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